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Laser Anti-Copying QR Code

Denso Wave Co., Ltd devised anti-copy QR to prevent reproduction, counterfeiting
and anti-tampering in 2012.
This technology prints QR code to special ink on the pre-created.
Laser ACQR technology developed by ID Laser Corporation and
Kobayashi Creat Co., Ltd. is to print special ink beforehand, after that ,
it will be marking QR code and ghost image by using laser on underlying
part of special ink and easy to construction a more cheaper
security system.(Patent applied)

We can overcome the three major risks (duplication, counterfeiting, falsification)
of the optical reading media, offer low cost and high security proposal.
In the development technology of Denso Wave Co., Ltd.,
a complicated post-process such as sticking of a copy prevention label is necessary,
however by using a laser, it is possible to correspond with a more simple process.As a Laser
for ID-card, we propose using inexpensive PVC card without using expensive PC card,
and we can expect sales to laser distributors other than government-affiliated issuers of ID cards.

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